Producing quality extracts from organic sources has become more of an art, than science. To that end we’re using our in-house developed CO2 extraction and water extraction process. We are the only group in the cosmetics industry that has developed their own highly-advanced water extraction systems. We don’t use any harmful solvents (like ethanol or other chemicals that deter the harvesting of essential components). Better for the extraction staff, better for the environment, and better for the customer.



Supercritical CO2 Extraction System Developed by Infinity Supercritical
Water Extraction Turbine Developed By Infinity Supercritical
Water Extraction Core Processor Using The Modular Block Format Termed Industrial Lego By The National Science Foundation
Magnetic Couplings Insure Water Extraction Purity By Eliminating The Oil-Seal-Gland Shaft Coupling.
Water Extraction Using Infinity Supercritical Modular Blocks, Which Bolt Together For Multiple Configurations.
Water Extraction Modular Blocks With View Ports Allow Extraction Technicians To View Extraction In-Situ