Corporate Creed

Mantra: Whole body health not only makes you feel good, but makes you look good too.

Mission: Feel Good – Look Good is an invocation of whole body wellness. More than a concept, it’s a way of life. This includes developing products from organic sources and methods, including offering science-based advice on living well, while starting with historical medicinal knowledge and Ayurveda.

Vision: Provide enviromentaly friendly solutions to your whole body health and appearance. The core philosophy begins with your nutritional health. Many cosmetics seek only to cover up symptoms, while Montreux strives to enhance your natural beauty.

Holistic Design: Our core technology of water extraction, which was developed in-house, means we are not dependent on third-party processors. We don’t develop products which need a solution, we first look at your need for a solution, then develop the product.

Purpose: Everyone needs purpose. It’s what drives us to be better people, and provides a safe non-toxic environment. We can all work together to make goals of making our lives better, and making our Earth a better place to live and work. You are what you eat, you are what you drink. Leave things better than when you started.

Fairness in Business: 

Foster honesty – develop trust

Foster goodness – develop loyal relationships

Foster humility – develop honor

Foster consideration – develop perspective

Foster persistence – develop success

We change the way you do life.

Daily Health Journal: We strive to make your live better. To do that, start a daily health journal. See what affects your body, your mood, and your appearance. We are developing a cosmetics line that works with your body, not against it. That starts with organically produced plants, and an organic method of extraction of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Weekly Health Tips: Our blog will have daily health tips, many of which are derived from Dr. Michael Gregor’s book, “How Not To Die.”

Out To Eat: It all starts with you. You are the consumer. You vote with your feet, and with you requests. Coach chefs and restaurants that crappy food is out, and delicious healthy food is in. Take that amazing Thai pizza, and replace chicken with healthy guacamole. You’ll be glad you did.

Corporate Philosophy:

All Electric: Our operation is run on renewable power (mostly solar). We offer financing to our employees who want to go all-electric for vehicles.

Giving Back: Just do the right thing. We contribute time, money, and resources to the community. We don’t gloat about it on social media.

No Charities: Don’t give to so-called charities who hide behind a 501(c)3 tax free status to steal. Be fully accountable. Run a for-profit business, and if you don’t want to use profits, then give them away, instead of a self-fulfilling tax write-off.

Corporate Aircraft: No yet, but we want an electric one. Private aviation has its place everywhere. It’s how you get aid to those in need quickly and effectively (avoid government bureaucracy  for example during hurricane or earthquake relief). You don’t have to be wasteful, to be efficient.