SwissMixIt Micro Extractor and Formulation System

SwissMixIt Launching Soon: Micro Botanical Oil Extractor and formulation system (SwissMixIt), using the most advanced induction mixing technology. From farm to table, this oil extractor is perfect for full spectrum hemp and other nutraceutical and essential oil botanicals. Patented silent solid state technology allows touchless extraction and mixing, in the same dispenser, for topical use.  Buy organic botanical material, (including hemp, moringa, gooseberry, oregano, etc.), grind, put in dispenser/extractor to process, and you have a finished project ready to use in a standard Mason jar and dispenser pump. This is perfect for organic botanical powder which cannot be otherwise easily extracted because it is in powder format, which is hard to contain. The powder and Chlorophyll (green bitter pigment) do not go through the high filtration system. This is a method of in-situ extraction using a solid state touchless mixer using magnetic induction.

SwissMixIt: The system gives you a DIY solution to make essential oils, creams, soaps, craft vinegar, fermentation, and a host of other solutions which you make yourself to insure quality and authenticated ingredients.

Home use unit $449 USD: What’s in the box: Induction mixing base (US power cord 110V), extraction jar with pump dispenser, oil filtration unit (in-situ as part of the pump dispenser).


How It Works: Using a carrier oil (most vegetable oils work), touchless induction mixing and time, the oil in the botanical is pulled out and is attracted to the carrier oil. As a topical oil, this is the holy grail of extraction since it is simultaneously mixed with the oil as it can be applied to the skin in the same container with dispenser pump. For oregano oil (considered a hot oil), we recommend the bottom of the feet. For Amla (Gooseberry) we recommend anywhere on the skin. For hemp, topically on the body for aches and pains.

What’s in the Box: 

  • Induction Mixing Base (110V single phase USA plug)
  • Mason Jar with Dispenser
  • In-situ Filtration System
  • Link to website for operation, use, sample botanicals, carrier oils, applications
  • Link to how to start an extraction business

Can I use this to produce commercial topical products ? Yes. This is perfect for DIY small business extractions. You can mix then put into standard Mason jars with dispensers which you can buy from Amazon. We will offer a DIY plans and Amazon links kit shortly.

Is this better than commercial processing ? Yes. From farm to table, you control the extraction, without any unknown processing. If you are buying hemp, buy from a reputable farmer, and confirm they are on the state registered grower list. Request a COA (Certificate of Analysis) to confirm it’s legal, and has all the components for a good quality oil extract. Buy a dried product. If you purchase a wet or freshly harvested product, you’re buying 50 percent water weight. Buy the material by the pound. Do not buy based on a points system or other confusing redirects. You should be able to buy quality hemp for $30 or less per pound (we’ve seen it as low as $2/lb). You’ll find groups trying to sell smokable hemp for up to $100 a pound. Buy fresh, or a properly dried hemp flower product from last fall. Do not buy any product from the prior year harvest unless it was properly dried and stored and comes with certification (COA).

How efficient is the carrier oil extraction process ? The process varies depending on mixing rate and time, but expect around 80 percent or higher. This method produces a full spectrum high quality craft oil. The best part of a in-situ extraction is that the consumer gets the entire product, and it only gets better with time. 100 percent of the botanical and extract are in the same Mason jar container, which is also the extraction and pump dispenser device. The magnetic touchless induction base mixer reduces oil infusion time from weeks to a few hours or less.

Why can commercial ethanol hemp processing be bad ? The problem with fly-by-night ethanol processors is that you don’t know what you’re getting. Ethanol processing can be a sketchy processing method. Many unreputable ethanol processors use charcoal filters to filter out chlorophyll (green color and bitter taste). Unfortunately, this also filters out the primary healthy medicinals (CB D) from the hemp, which renders the medicinal effects of hemp virtually useless and hoodwinking the consumer.

Can the stainless steel filter be reused ? The food-grade stainless steel filtration element can be put in a dishwasher (or ultrasonic cleaner) and reused. The standard filter element used for topical use, should be clean after each use.

Do you offer discounts for volume purchases for those who want to make a business or resell products ? Yes. Please contact us for details.

What sizes of Mason jars are there ? Standard Mason jars come in 8 oz, 12 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. sizes. You can then sub-divide the extract solution into small 1 oz bottles for retail sales.

Can this be used for other antioxidant botanicals ? Yes. We actually recommend Oregano, Amla (Gooseberry) and other similar botanicals rich in antioxidants, and which are considered superfoods. You can grow herbs yourself (dry and grind), or purchase certified botanicals in dried format (grind prior use), or purchase organic and certified powder.

Can I use this for saponification and making liquid soap ? Yes. The benefits are mixing the solution in a pump dispensor Mason jar. You must not re-use the container for any food products. As an added benefit, you can mix in botanicals, including black tea, which has been shown to have an effect on Covid-19 (when ingested which would only effect mouth and throat – not lungs). “We reviewed the antiviral activities of two polyphenols derived from tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) from green tea and theaflavins from black tea. Both green tea and black tea polyphenols have been reported to exhibit antiviral activities against various viruses, especially positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses. Theaflavins (TFs) are another class of polyphenols found in abundance in black tea… and are being researched for their bioactive properties and are known for their broad-spectrum biological properties, like anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and anti-bacterial properties. After extensive studies on these polyphenols regarding their specificity, activity, bioavailability and safety, there can be considerations on their use in treatment of viral infections including COVID-19.”


Can I use this for making craft or artisanal vinegar and fermentation ? Yes. With the optional fermentation kit and air pump, you can make craft vinegars. Vinegar is a liquid of acetic acid with trace ingredients including flavoring. Typically produced by the fermentation of ethanol or sugars (with the help of yeast) by acetic acid bacteria. Types of vinegar are made depending on source ingredients. This first step usually results in a alcoholic product like beer, wine, and mead. The second step turns those into vinegar with the help of acetic acid bacteria, and gives vinegar its sour flavor. Slow fermentation can take months, or even years to finish. However you can reduce this time to a matter of hours by pumping in oxygen into the solution which promote faster fermentation. This is done with the Cosmetpod by replacing the pump device with a simple air pump (same as used with aquariums). The ingenious Cosmetpod stainless steel filter can also be used to breakup pumped air into thousands of small air injectors, which increase fermentation in the Mason jar solution. The stainless steel filter element can be used both for filtering and oxygen injection. Best of all, the same Mason jar platform can be used to extract antioxidants and then use those with vinegar to make a truly revolutionary food product, with even more nutritional benefits.

Can I use this for making artisan sourdough bread and proofing yeast ? Yes. With the optional fermentation kit and air pump, you can use this to rapidly rise yeast.


Botanical solution in Mason jar micro extractor.
Micro extractor filter surface close-up.
Botanical solution after pumped out of Mason jar micro extractor. Filtered oil is so clear it’s hard to focus microscope and image.
Botanical solution in Mason jar micro extractor. This image is under a microscope prior to the pump filter dispensing. The high micro filtration only pumps out the oil extract. Large particules are left behind for additional extraction (mixing and time).
Image of clear filtered oil.
Extracted oil after pumped out of Mason jar micro extractor. Filtered oil is so clear it’s hard to focus microscope and image.
Small sample of oil solution in Mason jar, prior to pumping and filtering.
Small sample of oil solution in Mason jar, prior to pumping and filtering. Larger image.
Small sample of finished oil solution from micro extraction in Mason jar.
Image of in-situ micro extractor. In this solution, there is a carrier oil which is the solvent, Amla (Gooseberry) and Black Seed nutrients. The solution is mixed in-situ with a induction magnetic mixer (touch free).
Close up of the high micron food-grade stainless steel filtration element used with the system, and from which extracted oil images were taken.
Stainless steel reusable filter element for micro extractor.
Microscope close-up of high micron stainless steel filtration surface.
Pumped oil extract from botanicals Mason jar solution. The oil pumped out is clear with large particulates filtered out.
Slide image of before and after botanical oil is pumped through the micro extract device.
Magnified image of extract after it has been pumped through high micro filter.
Image of botanical solution in Mason jar. A carrier oil is the solvent (oil pulls oil from the botanical). This in-situ extraction produces a superior extract from farm-to-table.
Magnified image of botanical solution prior to pump filtration.
Magnified image of botanical solution prior to pump filtration.
Before (top) and after (bottom) pump filtered botanical solution.