Montreux Cosmetics was founded by a innovator in whole plant and herbal extraction technology. The business concept was created while visiting the Burgenstock Resort in Lucerne, Switzerland with some Swiss YouTubers (Tyler and Chantal). While inventing new organic methods of antioxidants from organic plant cells, they saw the need for new formulations, portability while traveling, and healthy body renewal (both at home and while traveling). While most of their products are for skin health and appearance, the whole healthy body concept is promoted and designed into each product. Why cover up the symptoms, when you can start with a healthier foundation ? If you can eliminate the sources of skin and appearance issues, then you don’t need products to cover them up. Maintaining healthy skin and appearance can be enhanced by quality organic products. This is the basis for a superior health cosmetic product.

Holistic Design: Our core technology of water extraction, which was developed in-house, means we are not dependent on third-party processors. We don’t develop products than then need a solution, we first look at your need for a solution, then develop the product.

Product Design For Our Health Apps – Artificial Intelligence (AI) versus Intelligent Reasoning (IR):

With all the excitement about AI (artificial intelligence), the clamoring presents lots of noise based on greed. AI is simply machine learning used to improve an algorithm (methodology to deploy machine reasoning). All this sounds really exciting, except when you realize that the motivation is primarily greed (i.e. making money for the deployer). Basically it is how fast a computer (in this case most likely an App) using addictive based behavior models, sucking time and money from your pocketbooks. Instead, we use a new brand of thinking, called Intelligent Reasoning. Based on self-improvement (common-sense) motivation (time savings) our Apps and solutions are designed around a concentric you (health, time, and well-being). Our methodology is based on saving you time, and making you as efficient as possible, to spend less time in front of a screen (whether it’s a iPhone or portable), which reduces carpal tunnel syndrome, microwave radiation, etc. This type of methodology might seem counter-intuitive for greed based mongrels, but allows you more heads-up time for traveling and enjoying life. Build your user experience based on more robust productive information, in less time.

Contact: greg@montreuxcosmetics.com

Eco Extraction Using Water As The Solvent