Eco Extraction of Essential Oils

Whole Body Wellness Concept: It’s not just what you put on your skin, but how you treat your entire body, to achieve the most healthy, best looking, best feeling self. Using all natural, organic products is the foundation, but what you eat has a huge impact on your skin tone, appearance, and health.

Pure Extracts:

Using the Infinity Supercritical CO2 extractor: Carbon dioxide is a benign solvent, which has been used for decades for decaffeinating coffee, and is safe for extraction of plants to make a pure oil.

Infinity Supercritical Sonic Extractor: Infinity pioneered the use of water extraction for the botanicals industry, using its patented modular block concept, which uses hydrodynamic cavitation to extract oil from plant cells. Pure water is the solvent, which is good for the environment, and produces a full spectrum essential oil.

Extractions include tamanu, oregano, Tahitian vanilla, lavender, and other herbs, spices, and fragrant plants.

Home Based Tea Solutions: Part of the whole body concept is to develop your own regieme to deliver healthy solutions to your body. This starts with diet. One of the significant methods to incorporate healthy solutions, is making your own tea. The body (and brain) needs hydration to perform at its best optimal condition. Replace sugar based juice and soda with water, or tea. Studies have shown that cold tea can deliver equal or better nutrients and antioxidants compared to hot tea. Infused water is a great way to get nutrients and antioxidants. But make it yourself. Get a steam distilled water maker, and use standard carbon water filters, instead of relying on store-bought water. Use that as your foundation. Here is one source:

Montreux Cosmetics Home Infused Tea Machine

NIH and Proven Herbs, Nutraceuticals, and Antioxidants: There are a great number of health foods and nutrients that make your skin look great.

Fasting: Used throughout the ages to allow your body to process its functions better. One of the more popular methods is the fast five method, which means you skip breakfast, then eat a lunch and dinner within 5 hours. This gives your liver time to process for more than 12 hours. Drink water and hydrate. Your body (and brain) needs water for normal function.

Supplements: Very few external supplements are required by the body (unless otherwise suggested by your doctor). Try to get your nutrients from food. All natural.

Reference: The best medicine is your own education. Read on your own. Keep a daily log of your food, health, and well being.

How Not To Die (Michael Greger MD FACLM):

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